Environmental leader talks Taiao with Te Arawa Fisheries Board

April 28, 2023

Environmental leader talks Taiao with Te Arawa Fisheries Board

Bottom trawling was the key agenda item for a constructive kōrero this week between Te Arawa Fisheries Commercial Board and Greenpeace CEO and environmental leader, Dr Russell Norman.

“The discussion was incredibly constructive – which is what it needs to be around these important issues,” says Te Arawa Fisheries CEO, Chris Karamea Insley.

“We heard and shared kōrero on various kaupapa including the practice of bottom trawling, Greenpeace’s views on it, and the harm this practice has on rare underwater habitats for coral and marine fish.

“This kōrero is particularly timely considering the New Zealand fishing industry’s opposition to any restrictions on bottom trawling.

“Meeting with environmental leaders like Dr Norman kanohi ki te kanohi is hugely important to our shareholders.  It allows us to make informed decisions on how best to care for our Taiao,” says Mr Insley.

“And the return message from our Board couldn’t be clearer – Me tiakina i ā tātou taiao – We must care for our environment.

“Sustaining and caring for our Taiao is fundamental to our Te Arawa and Iwi Māori values. It underpins the social, cultural, and economic wellbeing for everyone and future generations, our mokopuna.

“On behalf of the Board and Trust, we mihi to Dr Norman for taking the time to meet and kōrero with us – kōrero on important issues that face us all are crucial and invaluable.”

International conservation ecologist, Katherine Short, also joined the hui, ahead working closely alongside Te Arawa Fisheries Board to advance its environmental certification goals and objectives across 2023 and in the future.

“Having credible, renowned experts around our table to support this mahi is critical – it has never been more important to get it right,” says Mr Insley.

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