Te Arawa Fisheries supports Lakes Water Quality Society kaupapa

October 20, 2022

Te Arawa Fisheries supports Lakes Water Quality Society kaupapa

Te Arawa Fisheries proudly supports the kaupapa of the Lakes Water Quality Society.

The quality of our Te Arawa lakes continues to be a pressing issue and Te Arawa Fisheries is committed to supporting forums and organisations that encourage not only kōrero on the topic, but also tangible solutions.

The Lakes Water Quality Society is hosting its 2022 symposium next month, called Get on the Boat – Lake Restoration.

Te Arawa Fisheries Commercial Board member and Te Kotahitanga o Te Arawa Waka Trustee, Dr Ken Kennedy, is a current Lakes Water Quality Society member and says Te Arawa Fisheries’ support is significant as the organisation represents all iwi, hapū and whānau around the Te Arawa Lakes.

The 2022 symposium’s call to action is to ‘Get on the Boat’ and work with Lakes Water Quality Society to act for the future and drive policy and management strategies that meet community aspirations. 

Progress has been made across Rotorua lakes and their catchments in reducing nutrient inflows, controlling algae blooms and managing lake weed infestations.

However, with climate change, significant land use change to production forestry, urban development pressures, and the Three Waters infrastructure reforms, new challenges are emerging.

The two-day symposium aims to address these challenges and look at what measures can be implemented now to safeguard our lakes in the future.

You can read more about the symposium and register to attend here.

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