Te Arawa Fisheries announces partnership with Vertical Horizonz

November 29, 2021

Te Arawa Fisheries announces partnership with Vertical Horizonz

Te Arawa Mahi – the work arm of Te Arawa Fisheries – has developed an exciting new partnership with Vertical Horizonz to upskill whānau in construction and trade.

The Certificate in Construction Pre-trade – High Work Level 3 course will run for 10 weeks at the beginning of 2022 and is designed to prepare individuals for work in a range of trade industries.

Each person who completes the course will receive unit standards that lead to a Certificate in Construction Pre-trade – High Work Level 3.

Te Arawa Mahi Manager Richie Ngatai says this remarkable initiative aligns with the organisation’s holistic values.

“This is just the beginning; there is the potential to grow this initiative and help more of our whānau into sustainable employment.

“Education and training opportunities are crucial to our employment mahi and is part of that wrap-around approach we pride ourselves on.

“We are so grateful to partner with Vertical Horizonz and be able to share in the resources and knowledge they bring to the table.”

Mr Ngatai says collaborative initiatives like this help to ensure whānau have access to employment opportunities.

“Access to education and training cannot be underestimated for its ability to open doors for our people, build confidence and contribute to the overall wellbeing of our whānau.

“When we work together to bring these opportunities to our whānau, removing barriers along the way, great things can happen.

“We are only scratching the surface; Te Arawa Mahi is progressing talks with a number of other partners to bring similar programmes to life,” Mr Ngatai says.

The course is open to tane and wāhine over the age of 18, and is ideal for people who have no prior trade experience and would benefit from learning a range of fundamental skills.

Te Arawa Fisheries Chief Executive Chris Karamea Insley says securing such a beneficial partnership is testament to the dedication of the Te Arawa Mahi team.

“Te Arawa Fisheries, through Te Arawa Mahi, is holding true to its promise of developing and securing employment opportunities for our people.

“This started and continues in the aquaculture industry, but we are also branching into other sectors and exploring ways to best support the aspirations of our Te Arawa whānau.”

Register your interest 

Email your details to office@tearawamahi.co.nz, call 0800 832 279 or contact Richie on 027 288 5001.

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