Te Arawa Fisheries focuses on health and safety

November 15, 2021

Te Arawa Fisheries focuses on health and safety

There has never been a more important time for businesses to invest in and implement comprehensive health and safety processes to keep staff safe.

With this in mind, Te Arawa Fisheries organised a first aid course, run by St John, to ensure every member of the team is confident in what to do in an emergency.

The all-staff workshop followed six months of work to build and install our comprehensive Health and Safety Management System.

Held at the Te Arawa Fisheries office, the course covered a range of topics, from treating burns to performing CPR.

The team had varying levels of knowledge coming into the course, but everyone went away having learned something new.

The workshop also coincided with the news that there are now two positive COVID cases in the Rotorua community, providing further motivation to support our team to be as prepared as possible.

Navigating the COVID climate can be difficult for businesses, which is why we have also released the Te Arawa Fisheries COVID Group Policy, confirming that our position is aligned with Ministry of Health decisions and we are encouraging staff to be fully vaccinated.

Our team’s wellbeing is Te Arawa Fisheries’ top priority and we will continue to look at ways to best equip them with the skills and knowledge to keep them safe at work, and at home.

For more information about booking a first aid course for your workplace, click here.

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