Te Arawa Mahi growing its reach, helping more people into employment

July 28, 2021

Te Arawa Mahi growing its reach, helping more people into employment

The Te Arawa Mahi team may be small but we have mighty aspirations, aiming to become one of the biggest work placement agencies in the region so we can help as many of our people into employment as possible.

Since coming on board this year, myself (Richie) and Nicole Pakau have grown our client base by 100 per cent and have placed 25 per cent of our current workforce into permanent employment and replaced them with other whānau actively seeking work.

Te Arawa Mahi was first established in 2014, with the purpose of providing employment opportunities within the seafood sector.

The business is a subsidiary of Te Arawa Fisheries, the post settlement entity that holds and manages Te Arawa fisheries assets and investments. 

This year, our focus is business growth; widening our reach and exploring employment opportunities in other sectors and regions.

We are in talks with some major players in the primary sector, as well as exploring possibilities of an employment partnership with our Tainui whānau.

With a holistic approach to recruitment, we have implemented reward programmes for top performing employees and are engaging with organisations to provide upskilling and training.

We believe building up the whole person is the key to long-lasting employment and that starts with Te Arawa Mahi knocking on doors our people can’t knock on.

We are confident that we have only just begun to scratch the surface and can’t wait to update you on all the exciting developments we have in the pipeline.

Te Arawa Fisheries Chief Executive Chris Karamea Insley says Te Arawa Mahi is an important component that will aid Te Arawa Fisheries in delivering on its social obligations to give back to our Te Arawa whānau.

Meet the Te Arawa Mahi team

About Richie

Richie has years of experience in work placement and business development management, working at Tradestaff and, most recently, operating his own employment agency.

Born and Bred in Rotorua, Richie took on the manager role at Te Arawa Mahi earlier this year, saying the interaction Te Arawa Fisheries maintains with whānau is unmatched.

“I knew Te Arawa Fisheries had a long reach and that has been proven time and time again with the level of interaction our job posts are getting.

“By growing the Te Arawa Mahi arm, we have the ability to help more people and that’s at the crux of everything we do here at Te Arawa Fisheries.”

Richie’s strengths lie in his strong business and commercial nous, which will be used to grow Te Arawa Mahi’s operation.

To contact Richie, email richard@tearawamahi.nz

About Nicole

Nicole is the most recent recruit to Te Arawa Mahi, coming from a human resource position at a large packhouse company in Te Puke.

One of Nicole’s responsibilities in her previous role was recruitment so she understands what employers look for when vetting potential employees.

This inside knowledge helps Nicole prepare potential candidates, allowing them to put their best foot forward.

An undeniable people person, Nicole is approachable and goes out of her way to help both clients and prospective employees.

To contact Nicole, email nicole@tearawamahi.nz

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