Young analyst attends NZ Institute of International Affairs conference

July 23, 2021

Young analyst attends NZ Institute of International Affairs conference

Te Arawa Fisheries business analyst Tamaaio Stewart was recently part of a select few rangatahi invited to attend the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs’ annual conference.

Tamaaio spent two days in Wellington where he was treated to a behind the scenes peek at Parliament and the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

While it may have been a flying visit, Tamaaio says he took a lot away from the visit.

“I think for a lot of people, myself included, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is shrouded in mystery so I appreciated having the opportunity to see what it was all about and learn about some of its kaupapa.

“I also got to sit in Jacinda Ardern’s seat in Parliament – not many people can claim to have done that.”

Tamaaio says the conference provided a good opportunity to meet and network with new people, while hearing different perspectives on some of the pressing issues facing New Zealand.

“There were a bunch of different topics discussed at the conference – sustainability, inclusion, the post-COVID economy – and it was really interesting hearing the perspectives of different generations.

“I think young people have a lot to offer to these discussions and often provide perspectives that haven’t been considered.”

Tamaaio says his biggest take-away from the trip has been a focus on big picture thinking.

“There are so many options when we look at what we can do as a collective. I may just be a little puzzle piece but I can help make up some of those bigger ideas.“

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