New Commercial Fishing Study catches up to Te Arawa

March 25, 2021

New Commercial Fishing Study catches up to Te Arawa

The future of commercial fishing in Aotearoa was up for discussion this week after a new report into our commercial fisheries was released.

Prepared by the Prime Minister’s chief science advisor, Professor Dame Juliet Gerrard, The future of commercial fishing in Aotearoa New Zealand details the need for a more holistic approach to managing Aotearoa fisheries and assessing the health of our marine ecosystem.

The report aims to identify ways to fill knowledge gaps, increase understanding of the marine environment, and ultimately take a more holistic approach to fisheries management while it also outlines ideas and innovations that could help us fish smarter in the future.

The report identifies seven key themes:

  • Strengthened leadership
  • A bold Oceans Strategic Action Plan
  • Te ao Māori | A connected worldview in 2040 and beyond
  • A refined set of regulatory tools
  • A data platform that enables informed commercial and environmental decision making
  • An ecosystem approach to fisheries management (EAFM) is embraced within the current regulatory framework, including the Fisheries Act 1996
  • Research and innovation are maximised

These seven themes align almost identically with the same themes that underpin Te Arawa Fisheries own Ka Pu te Ruha, Ka Hao Te Rangatahi strategy developed over the last 12 months.

Te Arawa Fisheries CEO, Chris Karamea Insley, says this report is incredibly helpful if it is able to help galvanise the entire commercial fishing industry.

“The industry needs to work collectively across all parts of the value chain, shifting the focus from simple commodity type trading of the past to a new future of adding value through smart application on new product development, and the use of smart technologies to drive in efficiency and cost out – now that’s leadership,” exclaimed Mr Insley.

“In our business we are actively partnering with leading New Zealand universities and crown research institutes to create new high value products. In fact, we are launching a new product into the domestic market shortly with a view to exporting into Australia and North America later this year.

“Theme three in the Report – A connected world view – is especially relevant to our business and indeed the entire industry, particularly if it were to encourage and deploy a whole-of-system integrated approach that considers both the economics and the social, environmental and cultural dimensions. We are fortunate to have leading New Zealand Economist Dr. Richard Meade working alongside us to design and deploy such a new synergistic model across everything that we do.

“There is a certain irony that the report is subtitled Ka Pu Te Ruha, Ka Hao Te Rangatahi, translated to the old net is cast aside, and the new net goes fishing,” said Mr Insley.

You can read our own Te Arawa Fisheries Ka Pu te Ruha, Ka Hao Te Rangatahi strategy here.

You can read The future of commercial fishing in Aotearoa New Zealand here.

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