Te Taumata hui in Gisborne

August 24, 2020

Te Taumata hui in Gisborne

Te Taumata is a Māori board appointed to advise government including Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) on Māori trade interests.  With a network of over 700 followers, we work with Māori businesses to deliver better trade outcomes for Māori and a more prosperous future for our whānau and communities.  Te Taumata was established in late 2019 in response to a need for Māori interests to be represented in foreign trade negotiations. 

Te Taumata holds regular regional hui to which local whanau and businesses are invited to attend.  All hui are held without conference fees making them accessible for all to attend.  These hui demistify trade, and the impact trade has on employment, for our people and give ministers insight into the issues facing our people at a grassroots level.

The most recent hui was held in Te Tairawhiti (Gisborne) and was well attended by government officials, Māori leaders, and business owners. 

Minister Nanaia Mahuta gave the opening address and some of the speakers included:

Whaimutu Dewes (Chair of Moana NZ and Ngati Porou Fisheries) on trees, seas, and bees; Vengalis Vitalis (Chief Negotiator for Free Trade Agreement with European Union) on how trade is relevant regionally; Taria Tahana (APEC 2021 Prinicple Advisor for Māori) on how APEC is championing indigenous issues with the world; and Laura Clarke (British High Commissioner) on the relationship between the UK and Aotearoa.

The format of the hui is slightly different to that of a typical conference.  Each speaker or panel presented for an allotted time and the floor was then invited to ask questions or give their views on the topic.  This format allowed for a conversation to be had between the speaker and audience whereby creating a genuine engagement process. 

The next Te Taumata hui will be held in Nelson.  For all the latest news including attendance at regional hui visit https://www.tetaumata.com and subscribe to receive panui.


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